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Great interview with Justin Beiber

Interviewer: What’s the girl fashion trend that confuses you?
Justin Bieber: “Uggs. I think they’re ugly. And I think big sunglasses are kind of overrated. I like big sunglasses but not those huge, round ones.”

Interviewer: What’s the girly movie that you secretly love?
Justin Bieber: “I like The Notebook.”

Interviewer: What’s your dream job?
Justin Bieber: “I’d like to be an architect. That would be cool. I like drawing.”

Interviewer:What’s your worst habit?
Justin Bieber: “Eating too much candy. I like Sour Patch Kids.”

Interviewer: Fill in the blank: When I’m 17 I want to…
Justin Bieber: “I would like to have a second album out and be touring, and hopefully have my own charity by then.”

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Justin beiber – living in a suitcase

“I have a house in Stratford and I got a house in Atlanta but I don’t really live anywhere–I live on the road. I’m kind of like living in a suitcase, travelling so much.”

– Justin beiber

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Justin beiber – I hate being on a date

I hate being on a date where both people are working too hard to come up with stuff to say.
You know it’s working when you can just chill– listen to music, watch a movie, or whatever.

– Justin beiber

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Justin beiber – I speak French

“Now I’m really glad that I speak French, because, let’s face it, girls dig it when a guy speaks French. They call it the language of love, and that ain’t no coincidence. Plus, I love my French fans! Tres jolie!”

– Justin beiber

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Selena Gomez – Love is blind

“I think love is blind. You don’t see it, you don’t hear what people are saying, or what you’re saying. You don’t see what you’re doing. All you see is the person in front of you.”

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Selena Gomez – Ex-boyfriends

“I get so mad about ex-boyfriends, but if a boy hurts me, I don’t write a song about it. They don’t deserve it!”

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