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There was a blind girl, she hated every one except her boyfriend…
She said,”I’ll marry you when I could see. Eventually someone donated eyes,
When she could see, She was shocked to see that her boyfriend was also blind…
The boy asked,” Will you marry me now?”
She refused… The boy went away saying,
“Just take care of my eyes.”

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DO panchi

Do panchi soch samjh kar ek dusre se alg huye
lekin fir bhi wo mar gaye,
pata hai kyo…….?
kyoki nazdikiya pahle adat fir zarurat aur fir zindagi ban jati hai

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Good memories are hurting

If I had to delete some memories,
I will delete my favorites ones because good memories are hurting much more than bad ones..

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I know it wont happen

It isn’t like i don’t want you anymore, I
I’m just tired of putting hopes on things I know it won’t happen

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Although u might love me

Although u might love me, you don’t want me to be with you
Although you don’t want me, you blame me for forgetting you
Although you ignored me, you don’t want me to leave you
Although all that pain you caused, I can’t dare to hurt you
So whats the point if I’m yours when someone else own you!

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You are with someone else

It won’t hurt me the fact that you are with someone else,
But it will kill me everyday the fact that I’m with someone who isn’t you

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