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FRIENDSHIP is just like “H2O”

FRIENDSHIP is just like  “H2O”
No color
No shape
No place
No size
No money
No rich
No poor
But still essential for living & for forever.

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Crying Tears and Laughing Smiles

Many people give U
Crying Tears and Laughing Smiles
There are few people who give you
Laughing Tears n Crying Smiles
Those very few are called

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FRIENDSHIP” is pure Rain Water

Girlfriend is Hot Water,

Lover is Mineral Water,

Wife is Corporation Water,

Relationship is Kaveri Water,

But “FRIENDSHIP” is pure Rain Water!

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Hearts could love only for a while

Hearts could love only for a while
feet could walk only for a while
clothes wouldn’t forever be in style but
having you as my friend is forever worthwhile.

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Not every bird can dance

Not every bird can dance,
but peacock did that.

Not every flower can represent LOVE,
but Rose did that.

Not every Friend can reach up to HEART,
but YOU did!

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Friendship has no ends like a parippu vada!

Egg pups has four ends..

Samoosa has three ends..

Pazham pori has two ends..

But friendship has no ends like a parippu vada

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