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Past tense – a funny message

Lady Teacher:
What tense is this
“I m a beautiful woman.”
Past tense Madam.

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Students Vs Teachers

When We are in Class. We Are Students.
When they are in class They are Scholars.

When v Correct our Writing its Overwriting.
When they Correct their, its Correction,

When v copy from Others, We are Cheaters,
When they Copy they Quote

When We don?t do our work in time, We are Sluggish,
When they don?t do, they are Busy,

When We Joke in class, We are Jokers,
When They are joke, They r Witty,


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Where is god

High level confidence!
Teacher 2 student: If u tel me “where is GOD”, i’ll reward u 100 rupees.
Student : n If u tell me “whr GOD is not” i’l reward u

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How to write 55

Teacher : How do u write 55?
Student : I don’t know..
Teacher : Write 5 and beside it another 5!
The student wrote 5 and stopped.
Teacher : What are you waiting for?
Student : Can u tell me which side to write the other 5?

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Naughty Student Sms

Teacher : main ksi pr b 1 nazar dal k bta
skti hun k wo mere bare mai kya soch rha he
Studnt : mis jb ap ko pata chal jata hoga
to bari sharmindagi hoti hogi na..

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Funny Student Sms

Master : Khali jaga pura karo..

900 chuhay kha kar Billi___chali..

Stdnt: 900 chohay kha kr Billi Matak Matak kr chali..

Master(Ghusse se)
Kharay ho jao, mazak krte ho?

Stdnt: Sir ye B mene ap ka dil rkhne k liye keh dia warna
900 chuhay kha kr Billi chal to kya Hil b nhi sakti…!

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