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Agar me pariyal ke ped pe chad gau

Santa to banta
Agar me pariyal ke ped pe chad gau to muje injeniring college ki ladkiya dik gaye ge
Banta agar hat chor dega to medical collage ki ladki ya v dikh gaye ge

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Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when the only thing you know on a test is your name and the date.

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Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father,
Your Word instructs me to walk in righteousness & in truth.
Make me your worthy servant,Lord.
In Jesus name I pray.

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99% girls are beautiful remaining 1% are in my college

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Rocking Students

Engg. students exams preparation…
night before exam:
Portion-8 units,
Prepared to study- 5 units,
Easy units- 3/5,
We study- 1 unit full, 2-units half, 2 units side headings.
Question paper:
Should answer 5 questions
3 questions u didn’t studied,
2 questions from which u know only side headings of the answers,
2 questions from which u studied half chapters, but which u left ,
1 question from which u studied full chapter, but forgot the answer…..
But we write 30 pages in exam…
Engg. students ROCKZZZZ!!!!

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Your mind

Your age is higher :-/
your mind is lower:-O
your is very small child:-D

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