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Superb Love Quote By A Broken Lover

Superb Love Quote By A Broken Lover:

You hurt me more than I deserve.

It is just because

I loved You more than you deserve.

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There was a blind girl, she hated every one except her boyfriend…
She said,”I’ll marry you when I could see. Eventually someone donated eyes,
When she could see, She was shocked to see that her boyfriend was also blind…
The boy asked,” Will you marry me now?”
She refused… The boy went away saying,
“Just take care of my eyes.”

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Touching Lines By True Lover

Touching Lines By True Lover:

Even Though You Never Loved Me

I Always Kept Smiling Because…

I didnt Want People To Blame You… As A Reason Behind My Tears…!!!

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Sad lines by mistreated lover

Sad lines by mistreated lover-:
don’t try to hug me wid one hand
when u r hiding a knife in OTHER HAND

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Tumhe bhulane mein

Tere shahar ka mousam bada suhana lage,
main ek sham chura lun agar bura n lage,
tumhare bas mein ho to mujhe bhul jana,
tumhe bhulane mein shayad mujhe zamana lage.

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Just to let them go

Sometimes it’s better just to let them go because being with them is much more painful than watching them leaving..!

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