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Like A Light House

A Good Friend
Is Like A Light House
It Doesn’t
Ring Bells, Fire Guns To Call Attention
When You Are Lost..

It Simply Stands Tall And Shines

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Not every bird can dance

Not every bird can dance,
but peacock did that.

Not every flower can represent LOVE,
but Rose did that.

Not every Friend can reach up to HEART,
but YOU did!

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Tom & Jerry

Good Friends are Like Tom & Jerry

Sometimes Small Fights & Craps

Keeps Them Apart,

But They Always Come Back Together

To Run A Long Episode!

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So don’t forget Friends

LIFE means…
L: love
I : Incidents
F: Friends
E: Emotions
If u miss the “F” in Life, then “LIFE” becomes “LIE“..

So don’t forget Friends…

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