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There was a blind girl, she hated every one except her boyfriend…
She said,”I’ll marry you when I could see. Eventually someone donated eyes,
When she could see, She was shocked to see that her boyfriend was also blind…
The boy asked,” Will you marry me now?”
She refused… The boy went away saying,
“Just take care of my eyes.”

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If you really want to give someone a gift

“If you really want to give someone a gift,
try giving them
your time and attention
“A loving heart doesnot expect anything more than that..”

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Loving is not how you forget..

Loving is not how you forget.. ..

but how do you forgive ..

It is not how you listen ..

but how to UNDERSTAND you …

It is not what you see ..

but how you feel ..

It is not how you let go ..

but how do you LAST …

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I’m not begging

I’m not begging to love me..
I’m not really even asking you..
But,isn’t it alright
If I cherish that hope in my heart?
If I dream of just holding your hand,
It will hurt me-not u..
I will try to keep my eyes from shining When they see you..
And I Promise
I will try not to smile a special smile
When you say Hello..
Don’t ask me
Not to love you….

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